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Leadership Team

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Mr. Manoj Raul, Proprietor (Jairaj Nagar and Shimpoli Branch)  

As the Proprietor at Blossoms for last 20+ years, Sir Manoj leads the branding, marketing and creative departments across the schools which includes a broad gamut of activities ranging from advertisements, events, to creatively designing the spaces in the schools. His passion has always been to pursue art and his scope of work enables him to translate that passion into reality, whether it is through designing a classroom, a hallway, an invite or by conceptualizing an event. Brand strategy, look and feel of the brand, content creation and communication with external stakeholders through various mediums is an intrinsic part of his responsibility at Blossoms Play-Group, Nursery and Day Care Center. As a Proprietor, he is constantly innovating to ensure that the brand creates a legacy.

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Mrs. Maithili Raul, Founder and Principal 

Mrs. Maithili Raul leads the team at Blossoms Play-Group, Nursery and Day Care Center. She is a versatile and innovative leader with a dedication to lifelong learning and continuing education. She has exceptional background in designing meaningful and effective lesson plans that engages students and enhances learning. She also sets expectations for which parts of the curriculum must be covered within the school year in order to achieve maximum learning opportunities. She promotes activities that support intellectual and all round development of growing children.

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Mrs. Poonam, Proprietor (Satya Nagar Branch) 

Mrs. Poonam is an early childhood education specialist and has over 15 years of international teaching experience with an expertise in evaluating teacher performance using observation and data analysis. She believes that at the age of 2-4 years, children are innately curious and love exploring everything around them. At this crucial age, children can learn new concepts which will set a strong foundation for them in their next formative years. She has put together an early years professional team at Blossoms that nourishes young minds, enriching children with the necessary information and tools that will shape their future. Furthermore, the early years program at Blossoms instills a positive outlook in children, which motivates them to learn and prepares them for the academic journey ahead.


CMA Sarvesh, Head of Business Strategy & Operations

Mr. Sarvesh, an alumnus of Institute of Management Accountant, USA is passionate about education and believes that to equip learners to be global citizens, we need to nurture their ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ in unison with each other. Before joining Blossoms Playgroup, Nursery and Day Care at Satya Nagar, he worked in Global MNC’s at Toyota Motor Corporation, Bahrain and P&O Nedlloyd, India. He is a seasoned strategist & brand professional with 16 years of experience in automotive, shipping, banking and education industry.

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Blossoms Teachers


Our teachers have the experience and flexibility to build age-appropriate lessons and activities that are based around our curriculum.

Blossoms lead teachers are early year’s specialists and they have:

•a degree and/or an appropriate qualification to teach young children.

•a minimum of two years’ teaching experience.

•attended a professional development training programme.

Our teachers get to know every child in the class. They plan lessons to meet your child’s needs, helping them to progress at their own pace. In addition, all our teachers hold certificates in First Aid and are trained in child protection.

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