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To inspire every learner to make a difference.



Our mission at Blossoms is to create a learning environment in which all children have an opportunity to explore their world. We stress the importance of the process of learning along with a strong emphasis on care and respect for those around us. Each child is challenged and encouraged to reach their maximum potential in an atmosphere that fosters the child to become self-confident, independent, and an inquisitive learner.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a strong start for every child and we seek to do so with unique hands-on learning experiences. Instead of showing students colors on paper, teachers will often use other resources such as blocks, toys, sand, and water to help them learn shape, texture, colors, numbers, and elements. If you really want to interact with students in creative ways, you’ll no doubt benefit from our early childhood education program because it focuses on hands-on learning through experiences rather than instructions.


We nurture children holistically; so that they are confident, have strong social skills and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy.


Parents are always welcome to visit the center, participate or just observe at any time during school hours. Parent involvement is recognized as an integral part of our program.

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